Payment options

When you pay for an order using a credit card, Bonjour Bebe Group LLC reserves the right to request additional evidence or proof of billing information. Please note that all payments with a debit card will be processed in the form of credit. The charge for your order will appear on your credit card statement as "BONJOURBEBE.RU" or "BONJOURBEBEDRESSES.COM." If you contest the validity and/or the amount of a charge pertaining to an order from Bonjour Bebe Group LLC and you believe it to be fraudulent, then please contact Bonjour Bebe Dresses by email at
At this time: payments are only available in USD.

Due to the fact that currency conversion rates may fluctuate over time, please keep in mind that the USD price of a given piece of merchandise may be inconsistent with the price of the same piece of merchandise in a different currency.

If you placed an order on this Website and you paid in a currency other than that for which your payment card is issued, then please be aware that the provider of your payment card may apply an exchange rate conversion to the amount of your refund. Also, please be aware that currency conversion rates may fluctuate over time.

Bonjour Bebe Group LLC will prosecute to the fullest extent of the law any fraudulent activity pertaining to the reversal of a valid charge for an order filed and delivered to the customer. In the event that your order has been cancelled, any "authorization hold" will drop off of your account within three (3) to five (5) business days.